Managed HR Services

Managing human resources can be time consuming.

From employee records to employee and management questions, HR Continuum provides cost-effective customized solutions for your day-to-day  human resource needs. 

We support your current needs with scalable Human Resources that grow with your company. Click the tabs below for some commonly used services. 

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Human Resources Services

Employee Relations

Positive employee relations for a positive organizational culture  

Our HR experts support your leadership team, your managers, and your employees to promote positive relationships and retain your talent.

HR Continuum also advises and coaches you through difficult or unusual situations. 


Employee Records

Employee records need to be kept at least three years and up to six, depending on the document.

HR Continuum provides an easy-to-navigate solution to maintain necessary employee records.


Vacation and Leave Management

Accurate tracking saves your business money

HR Continuum provides cost-saving policies and systems to manage, track and report leaves. Requests and approvals can be automated, saving you and your managers the headache.

Termination and Outplacement Support

Terminations are difficult.

If attempts to improve employee performance have been unsuccessful, termination may be the best option. HR Continuum provides the paperwork, recommends severance, and assists with the process.

Additionally, HR Continuum offers outplacement support for terminated employees.

Human Resources Technology

All your employee information in one location.

Human resources technology (an HRIS or HRMS) stores all employee information at your fingertips. Send offer letters, collect employee information, even record their favourite birthday cake flavour. HR technology analyses, reports and assists with planning.

HR Continuum will implement and manage technology tailored specifically to your needs.

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