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Fundamental HR

Your business didn't come in a box, nor should your human resources. 

Minimize your risks and maximize your workforce by ensuring your HR practices  support both labour standards and your business goals.

HR Continuum designs policies and programs that promote your culture and brand. 

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Mapping Session

Build efficiencies, reduce expenses and promote revenue

At the Mapping Session, our human resources experts partner with you to review current people practices and recommend solutions specifically designed to promote your culture and values while ensuring legal compliance. 

The session will provide a roadmap outlining recommendations and future considerations.

Policies and Procedures

Reduce your risk and increase employee engagement. 

Certain policies are mandatory, others support your culture, all save you money. 

The experts at HR Continuum recommend and design policies and procedures based on your culture while upholding your legal obligations.


Handbook Development

Consistent expectations and rules don't need to be boring. 

Skip the legalese and let HR Continuum create an Employee Handbook that is interesting, informative, easy to read and reflects your culture. 


Employee Forms and Processes

Consistent communication can be painless and efficient.

From offers to termination and all points in between, HR Continuum can design the templates and associated processes for every situation in the employee lifecycle.


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