About HR Continuum

HR Continuum provides outsourced Human Resources expertise at a fraction of the cost of inhouse HR. Let’s face it; you need Human Resources before your business can afford even a junior HR person, and definitely before you can afford the in-house expert you actually need.

We provide your business with flexible, cost-effective solutions for your Human Resources needs. Whether you require expert strategic planning or easy to navigate HR infrastructure, HR Continuum is your partner. Our experts guide your human resources, and you stay focused on your business. That’s a win-win scenario.

HR Expertise For Every Stage of Your Business

Your business is a continuum! You started with a brilliant idea and grew it to a full-fledged business. You concentrate on your area of expertise and seek assistance for the areas outside your expertise or that require a disproportionate amount of your time…such as Human Resources.

Whatever the size or stage of your business, we’ve got you covered. It is never too early or too late to involve an HR expert. Outsourcing your human resources makes sense at any stage. Partner with the experts at HR Continuum. Knowing solid people processes and structures are in place, allows you to concentrate on growing your business.


Boost entrepreneurs

If your brilliant business idea is about to become reality or you are hiring your 100th employee, HR Continuum provides the strategy and support for your people programs. We partner with you to provide programs and infrastructure that promote your culture, engage your employees, and allow you to concentrate on your business objectives.

Need help figuring out innovative people programs to attract and retain your best people? Check out our Strategic HR.

Need to develop policies to ensure legal compliance, or develop employee templates to save you time? We can do that with our Fundamental HR services.

Are people issues keeping you up at night, or worse, from doing your “real work”? We take care of the day-to-day issues, questions, and concerns for you with Managed HR. Priced according to your needs, it's affordable and practical.


Advance Established Businesses

Even established businesses hit roadblocks, stall in growth or change ownership. HR Continuum partners with you to uncover hidden roadblocks, discover the cause and establish the programs to boost your business. We do the heavy lifting so you can move forward with your business plan.

Book a mapping session to remove the roadblocks! 

Enhance Your HR Team

HR Continuum grows with your business. HR Continuum provides dedicated human resource professionals to businesses that require fulltime support. You have access to strategic expertise and dedicated specialist to support the day-to-day people programs, at a cost that makes sense for you.

If you already have full-time HR support, but need greater expertise, strategic direction, or mentoring for your junior human resource people, HR Continuum provides it. As always, we provide exactly what you need at a price you can afford.

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Not sure what you need, but know you need some help?

Book a Mapping Session today. HR Continuum partners with you to ensure you have the infrastructure in place to mitigate potential pitfalls. The support we provide can be as basic or as complex as your needs, budget, and headcount command. As your strategic initiatives grow, so does our support. HR Continuum is your trusted partner to provide a strong Human Resources foundation.

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